A survey by leading technology executives law firm DLA Piper reveals that almost half of VCs believe that we are headed to a crash greater than the 2000 dot-com bust. One-third (32 percent) of overall respondents, VCs and and t

ech companies, believe the current financial crisis will lead to a technology crash bigger than 2000’s. The percent was even higher among VCs, 47 percent. 33 percent of respondents from tech companies agreed.

“We think the difference between the two groups was largely due to the emphasis of Venture Capitalists on exit issues such as M&A and IPOs - which are likely to be more adversely impacted in the near term - than longer term operating results,” said DLA Piper.

The survey was conducted between September 23rd and October 6th, the final few weeks before we began to fully realize to what extent the tech market was going to be hit by the financial crisis.

By Mark Alvarez