Apple released new software today for its Internet television viewing device, Apple TV, and an update to iTunes, its ubiquitous music and media application. The Cupertino-based company announced that it added support to Apple TV version 3.0 for iTunes' newer features - iTunes Extras, iTunes LP and Genuis Mixes can all now be played on a television or home theater system, as well as Internet radio. Designed to encourage full album sales, LP includes liner notes and artwork like once prized album covers and booklets, as well as newer possibilities such as music videos and artist interviews. Similarly, Extras brings movie viewers bonus material that is similar to what accompanies DVD purchases. The Extras and LP features on iTunes have been out since September.

As for Genius, which has been available to iTunes users since September 2008, the initial service uploaded data on each user's music library information to Apple. The information is then used to create playlists when a user selects a single song. The list of songs is automatically matched so that they go well together based on various criteria. This was later rolled out for television shows and movies in March.

Previous updates have given Apple TV high-definition support for movie rentals and purchases, HD television shows, music and podcasts that are subscribed to, downloaded and played by iTunes. The $229 device also has a redesigned menu with recently added movies and other content accessible directly from the new start menu.

As for iTunes 9.0.2, support was added for the new Apple TV usability, but in doing so, according to PreCentral, broke its support for the Palm Pre. Currently working with 9.0.1, the smartphone from the Sprint network is currently no longer recognized by iTunes as a device. The new version also includes an alternate viewing option for Grid View, and additional accessibility support.