Rising gas prices are putting strains on everyone these days with prices seemingly increasing daily, but Mygallons.com is letting users buy gas in advanced, avoiding the effects of a price hike. The Web site works similar to most membership price clubs such as Costco and Sam’s Club, where a yearly fee gives the user access to the company’s benefits. Instead of buying in bulk, though, users are privileged to buying gas at the current price and filling up the tank when the time comes. At the Mygallons Web site, the user pre-purchases gallons of gas to be placed on a card that acts like a credit card when filling up at a gas


Once the amount of gallons is set, the customer goes to one of the over 200,000 participating gas stations and uses the Mygallons card like a credit or debit card, whereby the number of gallons pumped is deducted from the card, leaving a balance of gallons.

By visiting the site, the user can keep track of how many gallons have been used and refill the card with more pre-purchased gas at the current dollar amount.

The cost of the Mygallons membership is $29.95 for the auto-refill option and 39.95 for the manual refill.

Other options include limiting the card to family members and keeping track of your gas purchases and balance online.

The transactions usually take around 72 hours to complete, and the price listed on the Mygallons Web site applies to regular unleaded fuel.

Mygallons is a unique opportunity for users to lock in a day’s gas price and be able to use it the next time the tank needs to be filled, and with prices rising almost daily, it won’t be a surprise if such a site experiences growth.