As the holiday season approaches, many folks will turn their thoughts to gift-giving responsibilities. More topical in our current economic climate, but always a concern, are the premonitions of credit card woes that shall befall the population come January. Here to slightly lighten that burden are a collection of Web sites that offer cash for outdated or redundant gadgets. There are many choices in this category of Internet re-purchasing services. The general framework to all of the Web sites considered involves the site visitor assessing the condition of her electronic device and sending it in, sometimes in a box provided by the program. The accepted gadgets vary from site to site, but most include laptops, mp3 players, video game consoles, digital cameras and mobile phones. Some even take desktop computers and LCD televisions.

When the program receives the package, they confirm the device's condition and the sender receives cash. Individuals or institutions can utilize these programs, depending on the site, and can send in one object or several for consideration. The waiting period for payment can be quite fast - 48 hours from BuyMyTronics , or about a week from Gazelle . If the sender so chooses, the payment can also be donated to a charity instead.

The benefits that these companies provide are more than just economic from a consumer's perspective. The percentage of recycled electronic devices is depressingly low, as was covered recently regarding personal computers, and all unrecovered gadgets end up in landfills leaking their sundry and toxic insides into the ground or water. The services to do such reusing or recycling have been available, but having a dedicated service, or several as is the case, makes it all the more likely that individuals will take initiative, especially when the consequence could be a hundred bucks for an old iPod.