Ever wanted your Internet search to show Google, YouTube, MSN, Wikipedia and Yahoo results all on one webpage? Well, now you can. Widexplorer.com is a new search engine that displays Web results from multiple search engines onto one long, horizontal page. For example, see here for the Wide Explorer search results of Sarah Palin, the VP choice of presumptive Republican presidential candidate John McCain. Although the format may appear foreign at first glance, WidExplorer’s service is a strong utility in the growing Web 2.0 environment. Google already includes some YouTube videos in its search engine results.

The WidExplorer format is also available for its subset categories. For example, when the user clicks on the sports topic, she is given Sports Illustrated, ESPN, FoxSports, YahooSports, CBS Sports, Sporting News, and DeadSpin all on one Web page.

One criticism is that WidExplorer does not enable the user to rank the search engines that she would like to see displayed. Perhaps this option will be included in WidExplorer’s future upgrades, as it is only in its Beta edition. Another problem is the long download times that are required. However, this is perhaps unavoidable because, after all, it is downloading multiple Web pages at once.