Women’s presence on social networks is far greater than that of men, according to Pingdom’s demographic study of 19 social networking sites. Eighty-seven percent of social networks have more female users than males. Those with the highest percentage of female users are Bebo, MySpace, Classmates, Xanga, Ning and Twitter. Two-thirds of Bebo’s users are female, while MySpace and Classmates have close to that (64 percent each).

Do Women Really Dominate Social Networks?

The only three sites that had more male users than female were the social news sites Slashdot, Reddit and Digg. Eighty-two percent of Slashdot’s users are male.

Averaging out all 19 sites, females had a higher presence than males, 53 percent to 47 percent.

This is interesting in light of another study, this one done by Euro RSCG Worldwide and reported in emarketer, which shows that a higher percentage of men go online to meet people than women do (56 percent to 51 percent).

So is one gender really more sociable online than the other? Out of the last 30 Facebook status updates I’ve received, 19 were by women, and 11 were by men; almost a two-to-one ratio. To be fair, this is as unscientific a method you can choose, but it’s indicative of, well, my Facebook flow.

Of course, take tech and Silicon Valley out of the equation, and of all the rest of my friends in various regions and professions, and women dominate. In fact, I’m friends with only one non-tech, non-San Francisco guy who posts updates with any regularity.

I’m not sure what that ‘study’ proved, but it sure was fun to do.

By Mark Alvarez