Social media activities are big with female US Internet users, and one fast growing portion of this is women who use blogs. In a March survey from BlogHer, iVillage and Compass Partners, "2009 Social Media Study," 55 percent of women on the Internet interact with blogs in some way. This number is dwarfed by the percentage that use social networking services, 75 percent, but does trump message boards or forum usage - forty percent, and status updating services (read: Twitter) use - sixteen percent. In the same study, published in eMarketer today, twelve million social media users (29 percent) post to blogs and eight million (19 percent) publish blogs. Since 54 percent of female social media users read blogs, that means that more than a half post and more than a third publish their own content.

Such enthusiasm is confirmed in a section of the study that shows many female blog users are spending less time on more traditional media because of their social media habits. In March 2009, these women spent less time reading newspapers and magazines, listening to the radio, or watching television than they did one year ago.

The reasons that women use blogs and other social media are diverse. More women go to social networks for fun, but for getting information, opinions, advice or recommendations, they visit blogs. Because of the community that this form of social media provides, they also share their own opinions and advice, as well as promote themselves professionally.

On professional promotion, women's blog site BlogHer COO Elisa Camahort elaborates. Only very large blogs generate substantial income, but "the other opportunity is to make money because of your blog, and there are way more people doing this." However, as shown above, top drivers for women are self-expression, community, information and fun. " They want to maintain their community, (...) they want to be able to express themselves and they want to be a great resource and find great resources they can trust."