Have you seen Iron Man2? In the recent film, Robert Downey Jr. wasn’t typing on a keyboard but on his living room table. Just more sci-fi? Maybe not… Light Blue Optics has developed a new product named Light Touch, an inter

active projector which transforms any surface into a multitouch screen. The device uses Holographic Laser Projection technology, which creates video images in WVGA resolution, as well as an infrared sensor that detects motion. That’s why the projected image looks like a touch screen. With it, users can interact with applications simply by touching the projected screen.

Light Touch is operated on Windows CE and runs with Adobe Flash Lite. It can project a 10.1 inch image (25.7 cm). Connected to the Internet via Wifi, the device displays content like gaming applications, photos and a video player which allows movie viewing. There device has 2GB of internal storage as well as external storage thanks to a Micro SD card slot.
Currently, Light Touch isn’t available for the mainstream. But it’s available to industrial partners for commercial applications. Indeed, we could easily imagine a lot of usage in retail stores in order to develop an interactive way to have more information about a product. There are also obvious possibilities for tourist industries especially for directions and maps.

By Romain Chapron