Xiaomi is always a cost-effective mobile brand for me until a friend told me she bought a Xiaomi camera for the home security. She also shows me the real-time video in the home on her mobile, an iphone with 4G service. The camera would rotate with the mobile rotation and support two-way sound transmission.

It is written by Hanna Chen, Analyst Consultant in L'Ateleir Asia

I went to Xiaomi’s official site after, and surprised to find it’s totally a brand e-commerce platform which including a lot products other than mobile. Electronics, mobile accessories and appeals all can be find here. The page design is just enough – not too simple nor too crowded, remind you it’s a concise style e-commerce site. Products are appealing, nice and clean appearance, new experience and relatively low price.

Xiaomi is building its own hardware and cloud platform, according to these products they sell and data collection tool they provide. Unlike what I suppose, they not only support their own hardware, but also the mobile from other brands (like my friend’s iphone) which would definitely help with the sales. At the same time expand the impact of its smart electrics and cloud platform. 

Xiaomi’s CEO Leijun also said Xiaomi’s smart ecosystem is extending and always open to all the partners. As we can imagine, Xiaomi would have more competitors in different fields, but they could turn to cooperators at any moment, as they have so much aspects to cooperate with.