Présentation en anglais par Dylan Sisson :

Part 1 - "Shading and Lighting for Pixar's Up"
During this talk, Dylan will show how Pixar approached the shading and lighting for "Up," one of Pixar's most visually sophisticated and vibrant works to date.
Dylan will explore some of the artistic and technical strategies use to create Up's visual look.
With several case studies from "Up," you'll get an glimpse into the process of how Pixar develops unique artistic style for each film, from initial photo reference and concept art, to the final lit shot.
Many strategies will be explored both artistic and technical, including an overview of Pixar's innovative point based color bleeding methods used so successfully on this film.

Part 2 - "Introducing Pixar's RenderMan"
During part two, Dylan will talk about Pixar's unique culture, and how Pixar's culture led to the development of RenderMan.
For over twenty years Pixar has relied on RenderMan as a key ingredient for shading, lighting, and rendering animated features.
You'll learn about some of the qualities and features which make RenderMan an exceptional tool for rendering animation and visual effects, throughout the visual effects industry.
During a demonstration of RenderMan Studio, Dylan will show how RenderMan can be incorporated into your own Maya workflow in a straight forward manner. Many of the same strategies Pixar used to create shading and lighting for Up (explored in "Part 1" of this talk) are available using RenderMan Studio. Animators, TDs, and directors will see how your own projects can benefit from using Pixar's RenderMan.

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