This startup has just launched a service in private beta that can make any iOS (and soon Android) game into a social activity where friends can compete and place bets.

NextPeer Makes Any Game Multiplayer With No Coding

Game developers have a new tool available to them that makes their single-player game into a social multi-player. NextPeer released their private beta today, which takes iOS games of any genre and connects them to Facebook, so that players can compete with their friends. This added functionality all is possible without any additional coding from the game developer.

The gamer launches the app, which brings them to a table with available games. TechCrunch likens the interface to Zynga's Texas Holdem, and it does give the player an option to place a bet on the outcome, depending on each game for availability.

Once the game begins, the screen will look normal to the player - no split screen or avatars from other players. Instead, notifications will pop up onto the screen, such as "Daniel is about to win!" After the game, the screen goes back to the table view, with winner information and bet payouts in NextPeer currency.

The service will be released to the public along with a standalone app which will provide consumers with a means of accessing games that use NextPeer. This network of games will be promoted inside of the app, a place where users can also purchase more NP cash, and provide a revenue stream in the form of ads and virtual commerce. According to TechCrunch, "Company Co-founder and CEO Shai Magzimof admits that the details for how the revenue share will work haven’t been worked out yet, but it could be something like 90/10 (developer/Nextpeer)."

While the beta is currently only for iOS, NextPeer will also support Android in the future. The SDK is already being tested on a few games, with links to both indie and large developers.

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